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An indoors that never really feels like it. Us? We believe that balconies were made to be used. We believe that a balcony that is unable to accommodate a barbecue is no more than a glorified window sill; that balconies which can house intimate dinner parties but not full blown celebrations run contrary to the spirit of hospitality.

Maple apartments are nothing if not hospitable. The balcony attached to your new home is made for you just as much as it is for your friends; it is designed for tranquility just as much as for clamour. If more is merrier, reach new heights of merriment whilst watching the sunset. If less is more, increase your pleasure with a glass of wine enjoyed solo. At the end of the day, it’s your space. You can make of it whatever you want to.

  • Artist impression of Flexi Room Day Bed

  • Artist impression of Flexi Room Study

  • Artist impression of Flexi Room Dining

  • Artist impression of Flexi Room Walk in Wardrobe

One building, many possibilities.
One room, many uses.
One vision, many interpretations.

Flexible living spaces reflect life as it’s lived in your world, not in magazine world. For better or worse, life changes with the years. With spaces that are able to be divided, joined, segmented and re-interpreted in all manner of ways, as often and as much as the whim takes you, Maple gives you control over life’s changes.


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